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COMMISSIONS - Price list and examples

Journal Entry: Sat May 31, 2014, 7:16 PM
Commissions are OPEN!
I shall take two at a time.

Slot one:
Slot two:

Note me on here if you're interested!

I know it hasn't been very clear on my page until now because I'm terrible at organizing things, but I am in fact taking commissions, hurray! :iconohjoyplz:
Here's a proper list, finally lmao

Single character full body lineart (digital): £20/$30/€28 (but I shall do a deal of +£15/$25/€20 for every extra character)

Pirate Sarah by SophieOfAsgard

Single character full body lineart and basic colour (digital): £25/$40/€35 (same applies, +£15/$25/€20 for every extra character)

Pirate Sarah (base colour) by SophieOfAsgard

Single character full body lineart, colour and shading (digital): £30/$45/€40 (+£20/$30/€30 per extra character)

Pirate Sarah - Completed by SophieOfAsgard

Detailed digital portrait (realistic, no background): £30/$50/€40-£40/$60/€55 depending on the time it takes
Commission - Hannibal by SophieOfAsgard

Detailed digital portrait (semi-realistic): £35/$55/€48 (+£5/$8/€6 for simple background)
Semi-realism - Humming Brook by SophieOfAsgardNightmare King - Pitch by SophieOfAsgard

Single character (upper body) and simple background (digital): £30/$50/€40
On Wings of Fire - Ace by SophieOfAsgard

Single character (bust), coloured plus background (traditional): £25/$40/€35Tenth Doctor by SophieOfAsgard

Multiple characters, coloured plus background (traditional): £30/$45/€40 - £40/$60/€55 depending on complexity
Story Time by SophieOfAsgard

Strawhat Selfie! by SophieOfAsgard
Commission for Arcane-Panda (One Piece) by SophieOfAsgard

Single character (full body), coloured (no background): £12/$20/€16 (+£8/$12/€12 per extra character)
Kiss kiss, bang bang - Rapture and Harmony by SophieOfAsgard

Doodles (traditional): £5/$8/€7 (+£1/$2/€2 per extra character)
WRONG SCEPTER by SophieOfAsgard

Paper children/chibis: £5/$8/€7 each

Christmas - Skulduggery and co. paperchildren by SophieOfAsgardUndertaker Chibi by SophieOfAsgard
Joker Chibi by SophieOfAsgard

Single character plus shading (traditional): £20/$30/€28 (+£15/$25/€20 per extra character)
(Note: These examples were drawn on A3 sized paper, so had to be scanned in parts. Your commission will be done on A4, so don't worry about a patchy mess 8D)
Skul and Val by SophieOfAsgardOpenin' a can o' whoop-ass - Tanith by SophieOfAsgardRapture Soul - Mercenary for Hire by SophieOfAsgard

If you don't see what you had in mind in these examples don't hesitate to note me and we can discuss things. I will do fluffy pairings stuff but no nsfw at this time. (Maybe some time in the future when I'm a bit more practiced at drawing it :iconohohoplz: )

If you think the prices may be a bit steep I'm sorry. I'm not charging by the hour, which means that what I'm asking for is way below minimum wage and I kinda need all the money I can get. Thank you for understanding.


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Donquixote Brothers - $wag by SophieOfAsgard
Donquixote Brothers - $wag
Did I mention I've got actual blonde hair for Doffy now? Lmao

And I'm gonna do younger Doffy for Oct Expo because it's more appropriate for hanging out with Cora ayyyy    
Spideypool by SophieOfAsgard
Been drawing so many gays lately. I just love how the last thing I posted was all blood and chains and dick sucking, and then there's...this.
It's gotta be so fucking cute and fluffy or just straight up dicking. There is no in between with me.
Dofladile - Chained
...Yeah okay, I ship it hard. And I have a thing for beaten/bloody and helpless Doffy. So sue me.

Sorry I've been so absent on here. Been busy with the ask blog and personal stuff, not to mention cosplay *head hang*
Mundanes X Muses by SophieOfAsgard
Mundanes X Muses
Some anon on our ask blog was like "I SHIP U GUYS WITH UR MUSES" so this happened.

I am honestly scared for my life rn

and my anus <--- here's the blog. this is where I spend most of my time nowadays, so if you wanna get my attention that's the place to do it lmao

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